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Graitres Name is a joint made up word from 1- how the word Great is pronounced, and the 2- middle 3 characters from the word DRESS, forming the brand name "GRAITRES", which is now becoming girls loved brand due to its specialization in making casual girls shirt dresses with different styles of neck collars and usual six chest buttons.

Graitres is known in the fashion houses as the name that introduces only one single design every year, with limited production of 500 pieces worldwide. Each Graitres Shirts usually has a tag number from 1 to 500 with year digit, eg. 72/500/2013, which means, this is a Graitres production number 72 out of 500 pieces produced in year 2013.

Graitres is also a fashion term for girls' casual Shirt Dress with different styles of neck covers, usual neck collar, roll-neck (UK) or turtleneck (US, Canada) or skivvy (Australia, New Zealand). What makes Graitres very special is that it introduces new and creative neck collar every year that attract the attention of mostly teenage young girls.

The traditional Graitres neck with the soft fold at its top and the way it stands up around the neck, but both ends of the tube forming the collar are sewn to the neckline. This is mainly used to achieve the appearance of a Graitres Shirt Dress where the fabric varies depending on the season and climate of where it is sold.

Press releases

Graitres is a new phenomenon in the fashion world

Graitres announces that it is limiting its 2015 collection to Graitres style shirts only. These are T-shirt dresses with a collar. Its 2013... read more

Press Release • 06.06.2014 • By Graitres Fashion